What is Bitcoin? A simple explanation in 5 minutes.

What is Bitcoin? »

Protecting Your Bitcoins: Part I

[An imagined conversation between the Bitcoin novice Glaucon and Satoshi himself] Glaucon: Look, I just bought my first bitcoins on an exchange! Can I just keep »

A Proposal for a Revised Bitcoin Nomenclature

"Pack of gum? That'll be 0.0009 bitcoins" These days, prices expressed in bitcoins can be quite cumbersome. That's because the price of a single bitcoin »

Breaking Down Bank of America's Assessment of Bitcoin

David Woo, Ian Gordon, and Vadim Iaralov recently wrote an assessment of Bitcoin's viability and potential for growth. Their analysis was thorough, but it missed quite »

AngularJS + Flask Boilerplate

Angular-Flask is a boilerplate for building apps with an AngularJS frontend and a Flask / Python backend API. »


GhostMail is a service for sending self-destructing emails. After one of your ghostmails is opened, its content will disappear and you'll be notified that it was »